Wish you were here – Pink Floyd (free piano sheet music)

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraph/multimedia/archive/00978/richard-wright-460_978801c.jpgRichard Wright, historic keyboardist of Pink Floyd, died some time ago at the age of 65 years, after a short fight against cancer. This news has shocked all the musical world and the millions of fan, around the world. Wright, present since the creation of the band, had a very important role, specially on the albums “The Dark Side on the Moon” and “Wish you were here”. There would be a millions of stories and a millions of thousand of ink to be paid for talking about this genius, perhaps too many peaple spoken about him (an interesting article on the Italian journal “the republic”). Usually, i prefere share with you for remembering him the most famous song of the band, maybe the most known and singed all over the world “Wish you where here” for piano.

Download, for free, from here the sheet and let emozionate you.

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