Wikio is coming!

Today I would like to tell you about something different. Something that is beyond any other thing you could have experienced. It’s Wikio Shopping and despite of this unpretentious name, you will be stunned by it. Why does Wikio Shopping exist? What is its vision? Offer to everyone a centralized location where all information about a product your are looking for would be gathered, including  price comparison. Is it only formal, advertising, and standard details?? Not at all. In reality, a major role is played by users’ reviews, videos and photographs. If you are seeking out some news about Kaoss pad (if you’re a creative musician), a good hotel ( if you are a traveller) or music, books ( if you are someone who still feels and thinks), gifts (if you are sociable), you can easily dive into tons of well-organized suggestions, anecdotes and self-made you-tube video reviews.

As a honest writer, I tested the site  myself, putting in the search engine different words like : Technics 1200 ( a turntable), bonsai tree, the name of a rap artist, a Canon E03 550D camera, Macbook.

Well, ok… it was fast and precise but I was completely surprised by two things in particular: the unbelievable amount of useful information, which is always well-accepted ( and not as obvious as it may seem) , and the presence of personal stories, experiences posted by users, who wanted to share their second thought, opinions, expectations and little dreams. All things that make Wikio Shopping something new… Are you able to imagine 235.000 items sorted into more than two hundred categories? Or almost a million tests, reviews, 600.000 photos and half million videos? I’m not. But here it is. Wikio Shopping is operating in 5 European countries as well as in the USA. It’s a place to find promotional codes and offers too. The graphic and the organization of the site is clear and really comfortable. Cooperation with Amazon (which administrate the cultural sector sales) and Sprice (for the touristic locations, with more than 6000 cities all over the world) means a strong assurance of reliability for us, as customers. Finally, along with this, I would like to underline that Wikio also offers a cash back service to its users: “Wikio Deals”. What to say more?? A new idea of collective knowledge is on the way Wikio Shopping

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