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WAKA WAKA free piano sheet music

Here you are the sheet most of you have asked for (unfortunately, Italy is out of the game -.- ) 😀 .

Coming back home yesterday I have transcripted Waka Waka,and, the strange thing is that I was sure It should have been more difficult, but the only thing to deal with is the rhythmwhich is rich of syncopes.

The song lasts  about 3 minutes, but I have transformed the whole in a little page: once you have played the strophe and the refrain this should be repeated in the same way and so there was no need to write it down thousand times.

I hope you will enjoy it and that it would be accessible to everyone from the technical point of view (I haven’t include the octaves for this ).

This is my performance, the first part follows the transcript, the second…well a bit less 🙂

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  1. Paolo
    Paolo says:

    hi bill i heard your arrangment and it has made me so fun, but i’ve a request, may you send me also the second part’s sheet becouse the first is so simply and i want learn your techinque.thanks so much

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