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This is not a piece of cake

In spite of its little legs and its joking name, the toy piano is not a toy at all. If used properly, it leads to very interesting outcomes. Adjusted in Philadelphia in 1872 by a German immigrant named Albert Schoenhut, this instrument is not wider than 50cm, it is wooden or made in plastic, and produces a merry tinkling sound. Just for its particular sonority, it showed suitable for the trial. Aware of it was John Cage, who composed “Suite for Toy Piano” by this instrument (1948). If Cage paved the way, somebody else followed in his tracks: also Yann Tiersen used the toy piano more than once, both in his album “La Valse de Monstres” and for some pieces from “Amelie” movie soundtrack. Also jazz musicians, such as John Medeski and Larry Golding, have used it but, above all, alternative-rock and post-rock greatest names made great use of the little piano: among these are Agitpop, Evanescence, Radiohead, Warren Zevon, Tori Amos, Sigur Rós and The Dresden Dolls. More info and purchasing at official link www.toypiano.com

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