Theme from Rocky Balboa – Gonna Fly Now (piano sheet music)


Running with headphones or gym with radio soundtrack? By now, music always more often accompanies physical exercises, choosing a rhythm conciliating the movements united to a galvanizing melody. The relationship between sounds and sport performances has been supposed many times, but now there is such an evidence.

 As we know, scientific research looks about everywhere, even when we’re running; so this time the psychologist Costas Karageorghis ( from Brunel University in London) has showed athletes endurance increases up to 15% more thanks to music. It’s about 20 years since the psychologist started studying the relationships between music and sports and now he finally has found a correlation. According to Karageorghis, the best songs to accompany physical training are the ones between 120 and 140 beats per minute. But, pay attention: the musical genre is important too! It’s a matter of cultural impact: whereas young people could prefer rock or punk supposed to be more successful (it’s a matter of taste), to elder people is more proper classical music of anyway less measured genres (here it is a matter of taste too). Another guideline is not to make too many changes with genres: in this way music effects could be useless or even self-defeating. So, put the gym out of your sight, buy a music player, fill it with pieces similar one another and…run baby, run!


Who knows if this song, Gonna Fly Now , from Rocky Balboa’ s theme, will help you to sprout wings too …Click here to download the score for free

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