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The legend of the pianist on the ocean’s sheet – Ennio Morricone

The legend of the pianist on the ocean maybe is the most fascinating and mysterious story of these last years. 900 is a child born and brought on a cruise ship of the years 1930 and, in his life will never come back on the land.

The boy shows a particular gift for music : his music is fascinating, fun, impressive. Around the child it will create an aura of mistery because his talent is great as the strangeness of his life, a mix of romanticism and secret.

His music seems to be the voice of the sea, and express their secrets through the notes of his piano.

Young’s life will follow ship’s life, until the end. It remains just a proof of his existence, only a disc recorded during an improvisation.

I believe that Ennio Morricone has, once again, surpassed itself.

Let me share with you the piano’s sheet of this beautiful film!


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Look on youtube some film’s scenes and some videos dedicated at the soundtrack of The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean:

The trailer

The waltzer

Love scene

La sfida

The challenge (2)

Magic Waltz

The Crave

Playing Love

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