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The Goodfather’s film sheet

The Godfather (1972) is the first of the films of this trilogy signed by the director Francis Ford Coppola, inspired from the same novel of Mario Puzo. The film was awarded with three Oscars and, with his sequel, is considered a milestone of the cinema’s history. The Goodfather was, in fact, considered the second best american film of the history, from the American Film Institute, and it is consistenly at the first place of the Internet Movie Database. I want to remember two of the most important actors: Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. This couple of actors reinforced and make great this beautiful film.

The soundtrack masterfully sustains the entire movie letting us immerse with success in the environments of the crime of that era. The Godfather’s theme is, in my opinion, a beautiful piece that I want to share with you (for free). Under this words you’ll find the sheets in two different arrangments. One of these has a video on youtube.

First version arranged by Atsushi Nomura : Download it for free

Second version arranged by S.Yamabe : First partSecond part

The video:

Jazzy Version (ragtime) based by the version of Harry Connick:

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