The best software packages to digitize papery music scores in pdf

When a music score stirs my interest I take it, I read it, I stroke it, I speed it up when I can’t play a measure, I crease it, I make love to it. Poor music score, almost boasting stories as 50cent manner, mashed by my perpetual abuses. How I wished I had a copy of the piece, digital if possible, but…

Luckily, a few software packages are helping us to store perfect copies of the original music scores in our computer. We just need a scanner device and one of the software packages, listed below, in  order to simply turn papery music scores into PDF files. They work in exactly the same way as OCR, the optical character recognition: is scanned the page with a text, in this case notes; then, the software carries out a recognition of all the characters and shifts them around into digital format with a scrupulously thoroughness.

Our new music score will be changeable at any time. You can add chords, notes, shades or guidelines, such as peculiar fingerings. But, which packages are we talking about?

The first one I ran into is Capellascan (http://www.capella-software.com/capscan.htm). Going by the website information, this software seems to be very good, but I soon stopped because of its price, $199. If you are going to glance, you should download its torrent, but this depends on how pirate you feel inside.

Other two digitizer software packages are Smartscore (http://www.musitek.com/) and Photoscore (http://www.neuratron.com/photoscore.htm). Maybe, these two packages are the most promoted. Their prices range from 40 to 80 euros each and their (certified) accuracy ranges from 90% and 98% as regard Smartscore and from 90% to 99% for Photoscore

The tail-end consists of Vivaldiscan (http://www.vivaldistudio.com/ita/VivaldiScan.asp?lang=I) and Sharpeye (http://www.visiv.co.uk/) whose features and prices are very similar to those of the previous packages.

We strictly recommend you to download each software demo version, in order to valuate these packages potentials by yourselves. They could result really useful.

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