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I’d like to do something different than usual on Thursday! Stop to alcohol by the litre and to vile abuses to my dear and old lemon liqueur. Stop to fridge attacks to see if there’s a piece of tiramisu left. Stop watching the “Talpa” on TV to see a couple of hard buttocks and some twisting bodies creeping in the slush.

In memory of that mythical TV programme Fiorello launched several years ago, I decided to hunt for a software to make out… KARAOKE! After a few time, I realized that all related websites were outdated, on the edge of a burial: a few of them, dated even before 2004. But, step by step, something has somehow come out.

In particular, among these are VanBasco and KaraFun. The former is surely the best known, become the karaoke standard over the last years: practical, quick and light, it runs basic functions as changing or remind the time, the volume or the clef of the piece, disabling or setting instrumentals. The lyrics can be showed in a widescreen mode.

On the other hand, KaraFun is a little bit heavier than the former, but graphically updated. In fact, there are several display settings available: from lyrics text filling to the entering effects of the text displayed. The background is animated and pleasant to look at. The most interesting are the KaraFun files, Mp3 basis displayed together with the lyrics. Besides, KaraFun is compatible with all Karaoke formats, from .cdg up to .mfk. Just these formats are the new standards replacing the now old and eager MIDI and KAR. The extensions swear allegiance to Mp3s, with song lyrics and without voice. That one is up to us…

VanBasco doesn’t support this last generation of files and, above all, is not suitable for Windows Vista. For this reason I heartily suggest you KaraFun. These are the links to download them:

Downolad Van Basco midi player 2.53

Download KaraFun 1.18

For the .kar files you can research from VanBasco, following the link here, flagging “show containing karaoke results only”. Otherwise, you can use file-sharing applications and search for KARAOKE, KAR, MIDI KARAOKE. You will find lots of them…

On the .cgd hand the scenery is more or less the same. I warmly suggest you a research through U-Torrent or eMule. Basis collections are so many and really high-quality (I researched “karaoke cdg“).

As Rat86 wrote on his post ( a new program ready to challenge those one quoted above is born: Ultrastar, the over source emulation of pc Singstar.

From his blog we read: “with Ultrastar you need to begin to sing the best you can the songs, together with your friends, making up even duets; it is necessary to have a microphone linked to pc. Lyrics run on the screen and, in case, with a background video too. The employment of the game is really easy thanks to the clear and easy-to-use interface. To play Ultrastar you need songs you can download from the web or create on your own. This way you make sure you have songs always brand new and updated. UltraStar is compatible with Windows 2000, Xp and Vista, Mac and Linux. Download from the following website:

A deluxe version is also available for downloading from the following website (this is the one I use)

Lyrics and songs you can download from: (it is necessary to sign up)

personal PACK with very well-synchronized Italian songs:

The list of the songs available in the previous files is available at the following link


Also available for the deluxe version:

Themes and Plug ins for new ways of playing with friends as the hidden note bar, the duel mode, team duel mode and so on.”


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