The Beach Boys- God Only Knows (piano sheet)

Future often proves to evolve among contradictions , in opposition to the past and his rules. In some particular moments “Habits” and “Traditions” are replaced by new ones. Not without tensions, not without being stunning. When “Pet sounds” by Beach Boys was released in 1966, none could believe to what they were living through: track n. 8’s title contained the word “God”!!!: “God only knows“. None before had dared to use this word in an explicit way in a musical context. An act of  religious disobedience, in opposition to the Ten Commandments , a real political and social provocation, similar to the others of the late sixties. However, besides its heretic value (for its time)  God only knows is a song extremely complex from an harmonic point of view to be considered a special case, even refined and elaborated in the vocal parts . The succes was foregone, our parents probably could remember it .We can listen to it here below: The score,  was published in 1966 too. I found out a copy, it’s a good arrangement but it’s covered by copyright (from ’66 “only”43 years have passed) .I don’t know if Irvin Music still exists, but I suggest that all users to delete the material within 24 hours from the download and buy the  piano sheet . Download the piano sheet here

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