The Bananas Country the blissful Bananas Country nothing is left to chance vagaries. Everything stands to a specific plan whose profile is drawn by not less makeshift than able order restorers to whom all of us should be somehow thankful.

However, they are really working for us, to make our children grow up strong and sane, in a better place: a place where the extortion practice allows honest citizens to reach a point of peaceful coexistence with the power groups controlling the territories; a place where State High Offices are not persecuted by the actions of  insane judges blind for hatred and, for this reason, able to see something corrupted everywhere; a country where the responsible of a financial crack is not punished with stupid sentences, but could go on placing to savers service their brilliant philanthropic minds; a place where banks are allowed in their usury praxis, ruled by proper laws; a safer country, where the army is seriously present and ready to fight the dangerous biscuits thieves wandering starving about the streets; a country where fear becomes a practice to cherish with wisdom through the time; a place where the information system could be free in the hands of only one person, in order to avoid the growing of many but unpleasant points of view, which could only generate confusion in public general opinion; a country assuring everybody of the right to distraction, to assert everywhere you want, on condition that is discouraged the amoral practice of square marches; a country where underpaid and short-term, or better uncertain, jobs are guaranteed for everyone; a place where non-EU people can freely take advantage of the opportunities offered by the corporal market, towards a better integration;  a country where the environmental preservation becomes a priority to make up in practical terms, especially by building new nuclear power stations; and a country where since early age, education can set people’s minds to accept all this, without that stupid outrage feeling could only touch our plastic lives.

Education. It’s just what I want to talk about. If we stop thinking for a while to what we left behind or what we’re still living now, we understand that, set in hours, minutes and seconds, most of our lives are spent among desks. We take it for granted, but that’s the way it is. There’s no need of sociologists to understand how school draws the outline of our lives, making us face the discover of the learning, charming and disarming at the same time.

During this country political history, you won’t ever find one government only which sooner or later has tried to modify the entire education system. Why? Because, through politics hands, education becomes a tool able to make a breach to the core of a society, at its real substance, changing it and paving the way to something going to show its real shape only after a few decades.

In the meanwhile, we can discuss about the “school-smock saver” measure or about mark for conduct. Sure we can, but we would lose the focusing point. Please remember we’re playing for high stakes and that there’s something bigger background.

The eager Mrs. Gelmini’s project is absolutely matching what is going on, on a global level. Everywhere we witness to denationalization of a welfare which should be open to everyone; we entrust to few people management what we own and we deceive our consciences pointing the State as the lamb to forgo before the open market. Our sleeps are calm because State is bad, you know, and surely the privet thing is more competent.

Gelmini’s reformation effects will be clear only in the long run, but what we read between the lines is almost clear: to lower education quality since from primary school, where children are going to be trained only by one master, up to universities, hit by heavier and heavier cuts. By few but wise moves, the reformation will create the ideal conditions to oust public school, in order to aid the rise of the private one, whose costs will not allow the entry to a large part of the population, who, as chance would have it, will be able to start working at 14. That’s it, nothing is left to chance vagaries, as we said before.

Blinded by television golden lights, maybe this tired country can still rely on who, these days, has filled streets and squares, schools and academies again, claiming the right for a better school/society. Let’s try to think positive, we need to…

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