Sheet Music of ” A Te” – Jovanotti for free

Sheet Music of A te Jovanotti
Searching in the in the web I have been able to download the sheet music of “A te”, the latest success of Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti.

From the album Safari, the song is at the top of all the ranking and is having clamor for the latest events related to the alleged plagiarism of the song by Alejandro Sanz “A la primera persona”.
For the strong demand I have decided to publish and to let you download free. I premise that the quality is not high , but it is the only arrangement that is closest to the original one.
Also the file is available with the chords if someone needs it ..

I wish you a good download! Stay tuned 😉

[download id=”11″][download id=”12″]

Download A Te by Jovanotti HERE

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