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Struggle For Pleasure – Wim Mertens (free piano sheet music)

We are in the 1998. The advertise of the sporting-boating event “Merit Cup“, has as theme song a melody that will rests in our memories for a long time. Many of us are still singing it. I’m talking about Struggle For Pleasure, a very beautiful song composed by the Belgian artist Wim Mertens. Linked to the minimalist tradition and at cross over, Mertens creates this piece for a small orchestra (piano, sax, clarinet and strings). The part for piano of this melody stands above all the others for the role of soloist, that give to us some moments of extreme pleasure.

Why don’t repeat this emotion in the part of protagonists?

Download for free the Struggle for pleasure sheet by this link

Listen to it:

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  1. juan
    juan says:

    hola,llevo un tiempo buscando la partitura “maximizing the audienz”
    o cualquiera de este compositor,ya tengo strugle for pleasure,clos cover y humiliti, si son tan amables de pasarmela y así contribuir en mi intento de conseguir un repertorio decente sobre wim mertens,mi correo es murta27@hotmail.com muchas gracias

  2. roberta baldi
    roberta baldi says:

    Hi Bill, I’m Roberta, the music advisor who proposed this music for the above campaign… nobody knew it, as for the worldwide very popular watch campaign… doen’t matter. I’m in love with music , and emotions are for everybody.

  3. Fabrizio
    Fabrizio says:

    ciao bill,mi interesserebbe avere lo spartito x Struggle For Pleasure – Wim Mertens,canzone splendida,spero tu possa aiutarmi

  4. Francesco
    Francesco says:

    Ciao a tutti mi interesserebbe avere la parte per 4 mani e 2 sax sapete dove posso trovarla??? Grazie a tutti

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