Piano Sheet “Aicha” – Khaled

untitled1The tale of Queen of Sheba has been always surrounded by a beautiful shadow of mistery.

We can find it told and narrated in several ways …the expression “Queen of Sheba” is not common to all the peoples: the title “Queen of Sheba” belongs to   our christian\ebraic culture, while in Arabia the correct name is  Regina Bilquis, and Machada for the ethipians.

The legend tells that  Sheba, queen of Axum, feels the wisdom of king Solomon fading out and wants to meet him to prove his famous intelligence and sense of law. The queen of Sheba is fascinated by the beauty of Solomon’s thought. Their union gives birth to Menelik, whose meaning is”Son of the wise man” and  that have into his blood the roots of a divine knowledge; he will be  the main root of the solomonic family….  i don’t know why but this song, by this famous algerian  musician makes me think to this beautiful, dreamful, story…

“Aicha” by Khaled (his music could be defined pop raï, pop, rock, funk. Pop rai,in particular, is a musical genre that melts the algerian traditional music with occidental elements that makes it more commercial and international… )


piano sheet

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