Piano Score ”Everything” – Michael Bublè

michael-bubleHis warm ,enticing voice makes him the perfect charming man that can speak to womens’ hearts;simple words, melodies mixed up with pop, and  jazz…it’s  Michael Bublè, this canadian gentleman in suits, who pleases our italian proud each time he talks about his italian origins (his grandparents were from Abruzzo).

You listen to him without too much engagement, his is a kind of music accessible to everyone… when I come back home, after a stressing and silly day, there’s no better way to relieve than finding a song by this nice singer at the radio: He inspires peace, balance:  humming cheerfully thoughtlessly.

“Everything” is one of his compositions that is good for the suffused and noir enviroment of a jazz club… it reminds me men smoking in the half-light,  wrapped by the peaceful and shy sounds of a saxophone, that alternates high notes to sweet whispers.

Listen to it and relax.. be free, be pure being!

Michael’s words…
“And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
It’s you, it’s you, You make me sing.
You’re every line, you’re every word, you’re everything.”

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  1. xxxx
    xxxx says:

    ps: tenho internet rápida, web camn e interesse também em aprender italiano e conhecer o pais. Apesar de brasileiro tenho longinquos ancestrais italianos aos quais devo muito de minha personalidade e fisionômia. Se tu não gosta de italianos permita-me a falta de respeito, FODA-te.

    SILVIA MELGO says:

    Estou tentando baixar essa partitura mas o link me leva para uma pagina que diz nao encontrar nada…tem como me enviar por email? Obrigada!

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