Ok computer? Radiohead piano sheet music (No surprise!)

I’m sad, angry, confused. This is not about feeling matters, no tears for a woman. It’s the sky that have let its tears falling down, flooding me and my poor laptop. As we know, water doesn’t exactly match well with circuits, when I came back home I had the bad surprise. Frightened and scared, as the pc didn’t want to re-turn on correctly (it was ringing like mad), I ran to take the hairdryer. Unfortunately, I overdid with heat so that some buttons became runny (how stupid of me). Luckily, after half an hour of warm wind blowing, everything got back to normal.

Now I’m writing pressing some with buttons, how sad! My poor Sony Vaio broken into pieces. Maybe I will see my keyboard back in month, who knows?

I feel a bit low, some hackers could occur. Which group could express my state of mind better than Radiohead can do?

I song I used to listen to during these dark moments was No Surprise, from the album OK COMPUTER. It could seem a piss-taking, but that’s the way it is, No surprise! OK COMPUTER! I want to have a good laugh, also because my computer too is ok in the end…even if I had a big surprise!

Download here the piano and guitar score.

No surprise video

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