Oh Happy Day – Edwin R. Hawkins

Are we living in a false world or not? We say a thing, then we do the opposite, black stands for white, yes stands for no…we are able to turn the truth as much as we like. So, I could state I have been fine, a very good day, the blog is a sensational success as usual, as well as the way back to Siena.

But, the truth is another one: after having found a place for 150 posts, one by one, spent 15 working hours, 3 hours slept and met the worst and biggest fog bank, I realized I didn’t write today’s article. So, here I me, sighing more than humming “Oh, happy Day”, a gospel arrangement by Edwin Hawkins, composed in 1967 and become a hit in 1969. Since then, above all during Christmastime, it is sang by thousand people at the top of their voice. But, not only sing it…let’s play it! Here’s the score.

Download it here for free.

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