“New Born”, Muse – Sheet Music

Origin of Symmetry, released in the far 2001, gave success to the english band Muse and put them in the international music scene. Matthew Bellamy piano notes open the dancing in the cd. He takes us in a dreamlike dimension, where the listener is reborn under a new concept of space and time. Below you’ll find New Born, video and sheet music downloadable. Unfortunately I could not find arrangements, but I have found the original version.

I’d like to recall that scores hosted on these filesharing servers (rapidshare, etc. ..) are protected by royaltes. Therefore I get out of any legal liability as these files aren’t on my server. I remember you to buy the original sheet music, as the common sense suggests (although I think music should be freer, at least free of the exorbitant prices of the market).

Anyway watch the video and enjoy playing this song!

Download here

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