My first piece with one hand – Brahms’s lullaby – Lesson # 6

For those who’ve already followed the lessons n.1, n.2, n.3 and n.4 and wants to practise with all these new knowledges, will certainly play a little piece. Maybe you’ll fall asleep, but if you’ll good… can fall asleep your wife , your son or your friends that came to visit you!

The piece is, in fact, the Bramhs’s lullaby, in a very easy version: notes are played exclusively by the right hand.

Your homework will be to trace the notes on the keyboard and respect duration of these. You’ll should make attention at 1/8 and at the notes with the point (surely you remember that it extends the note’s duration of a half).

In the sheet i signed all the fingering, so you don’t will have any difficulties. By the way, in addiction at the sheet I attach also a video that will guide you in the piece’s execution.

For any clarification and questions, i’m always here! Please leave a comment! 🙂

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