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My first five-fingers piece – “In May” – F. Behr – Lesson no. 27

At long last, after more than 30 training exercises, we are ready to perform a five-fingers piece. An unknown but quite easy piece: “In May” by F. Behr. As I have already written above, the notes we are going to use are only 5 (from C to G), with some rare exceptions for the left hand. In fact, this hand slightly “skids” towards low-pitched notes, touching B with the 5st finger, and towards high-pitched notes, touching A with the 1st finger.

Shifting your left hand from the basic position is the only new complexity you are going to run into, but pay attention, traps are everywhere. Above all, focus on the last three measures of the second line. Watch out!

One last recommendation: I suggest you to study the piece with separate hands first, giving more importance to left hand, above all during the initial stage. When you will be in top gear, try to join your hands, studying slowly and going on extremely calmly.

Here’s the score

…and the video of a performance.

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