Mozart K238 (piano sheet)

Mozart’s sonatas are beautiful stop! Unfortunately, few people understand and appreciate them.

For example, how can you feel indifferent about the sonata n.12? but, apart from the most famous ones, there is a lot as interesting as this. Look at Sonata n.5 which is  K 283 in G major. It is one of the first sonatas that you approach when you study Mozart. I remember when i did a test some time ago, I decided to play it and it was a great success!!. The problem is that you have to understand and interpret  Mozart’s sonatas with technical “gelidity”. SOmetimes the trick to play them well is to stop your creativity.  It’s not Chopin 🙂

Amazing! Of course,I performed it in a slower versionat the test!! 😀 😀 .ou need a stunning technical ability to play Mozart at this speed!

A positive aspect of Mozart is its linear and easy-going look. But it’s not the truth!!. Notes are simple and fit one another with perfection, but it is difficult to play…. Mozart is much more than playing a song in C major, the obstacles you can c0me across are many more than those you can find in a composition in G major…

Rubinstein, one of the greatest pianist of all times, declared: “play a C scale is easy to  me, but it becomes something incredibly difficult if I find it in Mozart’s composition”.

It is impossible to explain this by words and I can promise it is so. This is why Mozart’s sonatas are crucial to improve your technical skills even though a nocturne by Chopin will be always something different and much more deep for your soul.

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