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Mozart – Sonata in C K. 545 for piano

I was 12 when I first listened to Mozart. I immediately fell in love with him, it was love at first sight. Perfect structures, scales, arpeggios, notes magically dovetailing, giving pleasure, grace and elegance. I listened to that piece a thousand times, the Sonata in C K.545 for piano. I tried to play it but I wasn’t able to. I insisted on it so much that I learnt it by heart, but results were scarce. Now, after more than ten years, I am trying to study it again, and I have realized that this easy sonata, is not so easy at all. And just like that time, I am playing scales, arpeggios for both hands playing together. Worked out with educational aim, it is divided into three parts: the first one is an allegro, the second one an andantino and the third one is a rondo. In my opinion, the first and the last parts are the most difficult, whereas the andantino is easier. I’m sure you will feel like playing after having listened to it. Probably, someone will break out with his girlfriend and will have pleasure only with this K.545. Listen:

Download here the free score

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  1. Елена
    Елена says:

    С удовольствием послушали сонату Моцарта в исполнении милой девушки, потому что у меня ребенок играет эту сонату, пока за исключением первой части. Запись очень удачная, не только хорошо слышно, но и видно движение рук. Думаю, что на это исполнение надо ориентироваться при изучении сонаты.

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