“Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller

Who knows where I am now. Embraced to a beautiful girl after a night stand or surroundings the bowl after an alcoholic night? What a dilemma, similar to that between Allevi and Ughi’s sparring match. The eternal opposition preservation against innovation, good and evil, beauty and ugly, teetotaller or drunkard. I prefer think of a romantic way of spending this night so I want to share with you this score. The author is Glenn Miller, American composer and conductor. This is his masterpiece, Moonlight Serenade. I hope you will appreciate this beautiful piece romantic and delicate rhythms. Download here for free the Moonlight Serenade by Glenn Miller

2 thoughts on ““Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller

  1. Joseph Wolf

    Thanks for sharing this score .
    What a great song to play for someone special or for people to dance to .

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