Mameli’s Italian national anthem score

Mameli’s hymn is the Italian national anthem. Written during the autumn of 1847 by Goffredo Mameli and set to music by Michele Novaro, the anthem was born during a period of a particular patriotic fervour: those were the years before the war against Austrian Empire. Also later, in particular thanks to Giuseppe Verdi, the anthem took on a further connotation: it left the task to symbolize our homeland to Italian’s chant. So, it was almost obvious that, on the 12th October 1946, Mameli’s hymn became Italian Republic National Anthem.

And now, what did I find for you? The original ( or almost original) score of this Anthem. Are you ready to play it to your son seven-a-side championship final match? So download it here for free. Mameli’s hymn

Listen to it…

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