“Mad World” sheet music by Gary Jules – Theme from “Donnie Darko”

Parallel dimensions, faked things, journeys through the time. Donnie Darko goes beyond reality fences to spill over into paranormal, looks into unexplored spaces through a kind of subculture made of innovatory and unheeded theories. The movie met with huge success, but not through the movie houses, where it was at first censored, but thanks to people. The Chinese whispers managed not only to bring honour to a movie, but also to its soundtrack. I know I’m hard to believe, but it was the only way to say that “Mad World”, the theme song in “Donnie Darko, is really an easy tune. I’m going to suggest it to you, or rather, here it is!Download now the free piano sheet music.

As you can see, the difficulty level is low. Novices with at least one year of study too will be able to test themselves in this piece. Let me know if you have any problems!

One thought on ““Mad World” sheet music by Gary Jules – Theme from “Donnie Darko”

  1. Claudia Dal Ava

    Por favor se você tiver a partitura da música mad world, me envie sou pianista, mas iniciante, um abraço!

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