Lou Reed- Perfect Day (piano sheet)

Venice in August. It’s a strange thing. I don’t know what do you think about but, to me, venice is a perfect winter city. Its architecture, its grey, its water, its history create an tired old-fashioned atmosphere. It’s like the last weak breaths of dying memory… and Lou Reed is a good soundtrack for it.

The message is clear: simplicity. Every single movement, action we make in our everyday life could be special.The crucial point is to be able to live without stress but giving value to everything around us. The beauty of “Perfect Day” is its lyrics, short little sentences full of  love.

“You made me forget myself

I thought I was someone else

Someone good”

“You” is Shelley,one of the most important women in Lou Reed’s life since his adolescence and to whom he dedicated many beautiful songs like: I’ll be your mirror..  their relationship had to live through several difficoult moments and at a certain point all was over. But nothing ended. Lou and Shelley began to meet secretly and a new fresh wind was around them and their little happy events….

But love is a secret and I have told too much… forgive me and watch this amazing  video.

Here you can download the piano sheet.

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