Listen to the ‘Mozart Effect’ song (KV448)

Some says listening daily for 10 minutes to Mozart would improve eye sight!

Mozart Effect is one of the most controversial scientific theories on the effects of music developed so far. According to this theory, listening to the Sonata in D major for two pianos ( KV 448 ) of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will cause a temporary IQ increasing. The experiment was conducted in 1993 by physicists Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher.

Subjects of the experiment were children . Ten minutes before the test, they listened to the Mozart sonata. Then they were more efficient in the resolution of the test, demonstrating an higher IQ, 9 points better than children who did not heard the music. Unfortunately, this testing method was not really a scientific one, since the experiment was never repeated and children listened to mozart only once.

Nature magazine published an article about this experiment in 1993, that was reconfirmed by Rauscher and Shaw in a later article in February of 1997, published in the number of Neurological Research .

Nowadays the veracity of this theory is still unconfirmed.

If you want to test it, here’s the sonata of the famous Mozart effect! directly from YouTube.

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