La Cumparsita- Tango (free piano sheet music)

Manifesto della cumparsita

The most significant piece in the history of tango.
The year was 1916 when a young student of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Montevideo: Gerardo Hernan Matos Rodriguez, called the “Becho”,in the smoky atmosphere of the cafe” La Giralda “(today the building Salvo) in Montevideo, Uruguay, composed a small march dedicated to the circle of students to whom it belonged (called “La Comparsa” of Montevideo) entitled it precisely the “Comparsita” and then transformed it into “Cumparsita“.
La Cumparsita is a complex piece, not for those who are beginners! Give it a look anyway, perhaps following the notes on the score, a good listener is always helpful. The performance of the piece is of Hugo Aisemberg, an Argentine pianist who is currently the Artistic Director of the “Astor Piazzolla Center.”

Download mp3: La cumparsita

Download the sheet music HERE

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  1. darneaux
    darneaux says:

    it seems I did not understand how to download the piece “la cumparsita”. I really like this music and would like to play it.
    Can anyone send it to me?
    thanks in advance

  2. serge
    serge says:

    For those who are interested in a free score of a longer Cumparsita I suggest to visit:
    His arrangement of la Cumparsita is extensive and provide notation for bandoneon, strings, guitar, bass and drums. I my practicing (I am a beginner) I use the bandoneon notes for the melody and guitar chords for accompaniment.
    Hope this is useful.

  3. Locuras
    Locuras says:

    Sorry leute, aber das Stück geht noch weiter….habe leider keine noten grad hier, aber ich kann es euch versichern, dass das nicht der schluss ist.

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    Svetaprettygirl says:

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  5. ramin
    ramin says:

    hi thanks for all links i need guitar quartet note of la cumparsita ( tango ) i will be happy if you have it send it to me thanks.

  6. ramin
    ramin says:

    i have more than 10 difrent play of it
    and for months im listening to it times a day.
    i know is wierd for you that i had been loooking for this sing more than 1 year.

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