Kosmic Blues: Janis Joplin, the bad girl of Porth Arthur

How many times, after a bad day, i lost my angers with the beautiful voice of Janis Joplin, with her words, so full of angerness and sadness to leave you the breath. You can imagine her, with her colorful clothes, with the long hair, beautiful, freeing, and the desire to live in this world after all, taking what the night has to offer at one, alone, girl: a man that leave her alone in the morning or so many fragile dreams that will losts with the latest drunk. Janis Joplin, the bad girl, angry, always in drain, has been a icon and not only for her dissolute life, that she lived always at maximum; she had a employed’s mother, a dad that was engineer at Texaco, and a great desire to escape from what the artist called: “her native prison”, the town of Porth Arthur, in Texas. But is just in this country that she starts with share her talent, enchanting the audience with a emancipated style, contaminated by blues’s rhythm and beat’s poetry. Coming the Peace & Love’s years, of the hippie movement, of the life in the comunities, Janis moved to California, in San Francisco, where she joined into a music group of the bay area, that was looking for a singer, called the Big Brother and the Holding Company. The consecration of the artist comes in the 1967, with the formidabile interpretation of the song Ball and Chain, performed at the Pop festival of Monterey. The years of the youth’s dispute in the United States marks the musical and human path of the singer, that in the 1969, with the Kozmic Blues Band, record the album ”I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama”, destined to become a success. This album contains formidable’s pieces like Little girl blue, Maybe, Work me Lord, Try (Just a little bit harder), One Good Man and the touching Kozmic Blues. Kozmic Blues was described from many people as a kind of testament, and maybe the epilogue of the existance of the singer, that died just at 27 years in an hotel’s room, and this was already written in that wonderful text. The girl was repeating:”every night i make love with twenty thousand people, and then i come back to my house, alone”, tell to us with this song a piece of her life, the more sad, full of illusions that collapse and dreams that vanished, one after another. Twenty-five years, the time goes by and friends who’re turning away, the desire of believe in something and the awareness of changing, that scares us, inevitable but necessary: “Time keeps movin’ on, friends they turn away. I keep movin’on but I never found out why. I keep pushing so hard the dream, I keep tryin’ to make it right through another lonely day. Dawn has come at last, twenty-five years, honey just one night. Well I’m twenty-five years older now so I know we can’t be right, and I’m no better, baby, and I can’t help you no more, than I did when just a girl……”

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