Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (piano sheet)

Two days ago I knocked on heaven’s door. But nobody opened to me..  From happiness to sadness, few seconds. This is what happened to me when, completed school exams I went to the front office to check that everything was in order. Delusion and suffering: an exam’s mark was lost!!! italian misteries…It was not only a matter of bureaucracy and time, but economical!! In order to make modify their mistake I would have to spend 1600€ !!!

I don’t exactly remember if anybody opened heaven’s door to Bob Dylan, the american songwriter\storyteller that in 1973 composed Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, a song inspired by  Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, the story of  a sheriff and of an legendary\mythic outlaw, desperado.  The song is based on 4 chords: G D, A  and C (the order to play them is: G-D-Am, G-D-C,G-D-A  …). Easy but deep.

Download the piano sheet here

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