Karma Police – Radiohead (piano sheet music)


Album Ok Computer (1997)

Sad, melancholy and nearly catastrophic. These are the Radiohead, an English band coming from Yorkshire to describe through their music a world in the grip of the most hidden emotions in human soul. One of their most famous pieces, Karma Police, resume their style within a few, but moving, minutes. The title comes from a joke, or better, a play upon words: the members of the band used to repeat for long time that, if someone had behaved badly, they would have called Karma Police. This trick was inbuilt in the title of this song…

Although it is one of Radiohead’s best known and most appreciated pieces, it never moved up the top of the charts. This in corroboration of the fact that best songs sometimes are not the most commercial ones.


Download here “Karma Police” piano sheet music

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