Joh. Brahms – Lieder in A-flat Op. 39 n.15


Success of Brahms’ music unify Classicism and Romanticism. In his compositions he worked so hard trying to reach an agreement between art, work and quality. His operas are widely recognized by historians for his excellent work of music. That’s why I propose to you Opera 39 n.15 A-flat a nice and enthusiast waltz he composed. Brahms in Vienna gave compliments to Johann Strauss II, without hiding his admiration for his work, that influences him so much. A famous anecdote of that time told us that when Adele Brahms, composer’s wife, asked Strauss for an autograph, he wrote some notes of the waltz “Blue Danube”. It is said that she exclaimed, “Alas, it is not by Brahms!

Download here waltz’ sheet

Download the simplified sheet version

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