In the Mood – the forerunner of Rock ‘n Roll

Joe Garland

Not very much we know about Joe Garland’s life, if not that he was Louis Armstrong’s saxophonist. In 1939 he composed a piece, “In the mood”, whose style verges on Boogie Woogie, a musical genre from the early years of XX century, created by some black pianists who developed a faster and more rhythmical shape of Blues, in order to entertain people in those places where they used to have fun dancing by night. The piece In the mood paved the way to celebrity to what all of us know as rock ‘n roll. This piece was launched  by Glenn Miller’s Orchestra and came to Italy entitled as “Ritmomania

We show you a score of its piano simplified transcription, from page 36 to page 40, click here

Here you can admire an execution of the piece.



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