In Memory of Victor Borge

Are you in low spirits? Or maybe bored? Maybe these days rain makes you feel moody? Do it my way, watch on YouTube the video of a great pianist as Børge Rosenbaum, whose stage-name was “Victor Borge”, the one everybody would have wanted as music master! A man who knew how to take in earnestness and fun, severity and passion at the same time. Studies and efforts let him to enjoy and to entertain. Landed to America without knowing any English words, he started working in the Rudy Vallee’s radio show, but he was soon hired by Bing Crosby for his Kraft Music Hall.

After a few years and several recognitions, in 1946 he created a programme, The Victor Borge Show, where, through gags and particular melodic variations, showed to thousand people the chance of playing and have fun through a musical instrument. What a pleasure, what a talent!

Enjoy this video and ask yourselves a question. How much we can be happy just by playing?

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