I’m yours – Jason Mraz – Piano sheet music

It seems to be ages far from now…but the song I want to give you the arrangement, was just last summer hit. Maybe, it has been symbol of special moments under the sunlight to many of you, but it represented summer session last exams affliction to me. I’m talking about “I’m yours” by Jason ‘Mraz, immediately the #1 on the hit parades all over the world and it seems it hasn’t bored our soft ear yet. In act. his video has set a record: more than 42 millions displays on YouTube from May 2008 up to now. A hugeness, I would say, if compared to the average of the most clicked videos.

Who’s gonna be the 43 millionth? Here’s the song video

Here is the arrangement, ready for your sweet hands. It don’t really like it, but this is the best I could work out from the song midis.

download here for free the piano score

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