Hungarian Dance n.5 – For four hands

Brahms is a friend, but not a friend of mine.

Our hostility dates back to my first time on his Hungarian Dance no.5! Nothing to complain about the piece, an extraordinary masterpiece but its difficulty has been immediately very clear and very hard to a poor pianist like me. Speed, jumps, too many jumps. Soon I found myself flying in the hyperspace while trying to find an handhold on the F-sharp note, grabbing the best I could to that C always turning in a D. Actually a failure.

But failure is good. So why don’t we fail in couple? As if it were a beautiful love story, I am your Cupid. I shoot scores instead of arrows. And for this time, in my quiver, I have a really good Hungarian dance no.5 for four hands.

Are you ready? Rosario says his hands are warm…

Maybe you’re wondering who the hell is Rosario: he is the one who did requested it to me and to whom I give this beautiful post, or better, sheet music: click here…

For any request, just ask! As far as possible, I’ll make your wishes come true…not sexual ones please!;-)

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