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Hiromi Uehara: Amarone in Jazz-Verona-12 October 2010

Interview with  Hiromi Uehara and with Pepe Gasparini  at Amarone in Jazz 2010

Some time ago we went to  Verona in order to talk with a young and talented artist: the japanese pianist Hiromi Uehara, that performed a piano solo concert at the Palazzo della Gran Guardia during the festival Amarone in jazz, the only italian live .

We chatted a little with  Pepe Gasparini, a musician and the festival’s artistic director, who illustrated during the interview the ends of this cultural project and told us about his musical vision, and  the Centro Studi Musicali di Verona  ( he is the president) with great enthusiasm. The result of this passion and effort is evident in the amazing good achievements and  in festival’s atmosphere. You can listen to what he told by this short video interview.

The climax of the event was, obviously, Hiromi Uehara performance, a young musician whose artistic talent and figure attracted our attention:  a genius of the piano, she began to study at the age of 6, attending the  Yamaha School of Music al Berklee College of Music di Boston. Today she is 31 and has played with Chik Corea or in a Philharmonic orchestra, important steps for an important musician like she has proved to be. The live performance didn’t deceived. In addition to recent compositions from her last piano solo project “Place to be”, Hiromi played pieces from old LPs and we could notice her extraordinary technical ability and deep empathetic approach to the instrument. We saw her smiling, crying, nodding…as the notes were something coming from her deepest soul.

Hiromi Uehara al pianoforte

Visionary, acrobatic, with waterfalls of notes that seem not to stop and, suddendly,  move to introspection, Hiromi  tells us her emotional world.. a world that is not abstract but comes from the observation of the little things of everyday life: flights , towns, pictures taken randomly ,  hotels,  impressions, a world that her sensitivity transforms into an original and rich musical language.

Here it is the interview with Hiromi… follow her because she will success..

Download the interview Hiromi Uehara

Giulio Cinelli – Michele Guerrini – Paola Parri

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