He’s a pirate – Pirates of the Caribbean sheet music

I admit that is a series of films that I do not like, like all the films that have great effect on the audience: Harry Potter, Twilight, etc. .. I’m someone who loves to go against the tide :).

However, every time I heard the music of Pirates of the Caribbean… I remained impressed. “He’s a pirate” may be is the more impressive that I heard since many times.

The music that we are going to download is the one that starts at one minute and 13 seconds. I found a lot of interpreters that can play it very well… like this one…

He’s a talent. Big talent! now… I can’t tell you to play it like hime, because pianists don’t have these sounds, but we can go nearly there.
Here you can download the sheet music.

Download Sheet music for free

Other things

Tone D minor

Time: 6/8

Difficulties there are many doble nots that could be a problem for the right hand, and there are many difficulties by time and rithm. Obviously one time learn the mechanism all will be more easy.

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