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Gymnastic for both the hands – Beyer – Lesson # 5

After that we do correctly the exercises of the previous lesson, or rather those for the gym for the fingers of the right and left hands, now will be possible switch to this exercise for both the hands.

Download the sheet

Here the difficulty increases, because is necessary a synchronization between the left hand and the right hand, but although the exercise is planing to play different notes between two hands, we should use the same finger in both the hands: for example, it the left hand will use the 3, also the right hand will use it (for the fingering numeration read here).

For having not problems, absolutely you’ve to play slowly and a beat after beat. Repeat the same beat several times, because this will have benefits on your studies. Like the previous exercise, I advise to you to maintain a constant time and start to distinguish the different duration between the notes (in the exercise we’ll find notes by the value of 1/4, 3/4, e 4/4).

Here is a video that will help you in this difficult job. Don’t follow precisely what i play because time is just a bit approssimate and here it is just some error 😛 .

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