Giovanni Allevi – “Monolocale 7:30” (piano sheet music)

The hard critics raised by Uto Ughi to Giovanni Allevi gave us something to think about. So many comments posted, so many people wanted to give their own opinion about Allevi’s music. Talent or joker? In my opinion, he is none of the two, a good musician without too much demands. According to him, no demands: a secret dream, so much will and stubbornness. But, above all, a dark, tight and narrow bed-sitting room, where only a red ray of light, at 7,30 a.m., filtered through the window. Hence the name of one of the best known pieces of his: Monolocale 7:30, composed in 2003. On e-mule I’ve found a very good transcription by Nicola Morali. Before downloading it, listen:

And now download the piano score for free

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