Gershwin – Summertime for 4 hands – piano sheet music

Gershwin was an American pianist and composer who ranged with honour from Classic to Jazz music. He carried out some of the most famous American musicals of the first half of the XX Century. “Porgy and bess” was one of Gershwin’s most successful comedies. Inside it comes out an aria which maybe is going to be played for centuries: Summertime. Which of you haven’t ever heard one of the billions of interpretations of this everlasting song? After almost 80 years from its composition, this song has become a must of jazz music, if not of music in general.

Ferreting about in the web, I find this piece in a 4 hands version!! Here’s another nice present to those who like to play in company! Let me know what do you think about it; I had no way to check it…

Click here to download the score

Here’s the inevitable Louis Armstrong’s execution featuring by the enchanting voice of Ella Fitzgerald!

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