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Exercises no.35-36-37 – Beyer Op.101 – Lesson no.26

Here is an Easter Egg in advance: 3 good exercises to keep your fingers “warm”.

Exercises no. 35 -36 and 37 are a little bit hard. I remember I worked hard to learn them, because of a lag between left and right hand. I quickly explain you what are we talking about: if up to exercise no.32 hands were both located on the five white notes starting from C, and from exercise no.32 up to exercise no.34 we moved a fifth on (from C to G), that’s the exercise no. 35 mixes the cards upon the table. Left hand will be located with the 5th finger on the G left to the middle C, while the right hand will play the same notes as in the first 30 exercises, from C to G.

At first, you can’t clean up the mess. In order to avoid chaos and confusion, my advice is to study it with separate hands first and then to mix them up step by step. Exercise no.35 and no.36 are very similar each other, consisting of a four-four time and using the same figures. Once you understand the method, you will speed up in the absorption.

In the exercise no.37 you will have to shift your right hand and locate it with the 1st finger on the G just right the middle C. Left hand stands still.

Play slowly and with separate hands. When you will feel confident, join them, step by step, at a very low speed. Afterwards you can increase up to Allegretto time.

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