Exercises no.26, 27, 28 – Beyer Op.101 – Lesson no.23

Unfortunately, I haven’t so much time this week to dedicate to the regular Beyer appointment. Exams force me to sway from the monitor to focus on the papers.Gli esercizi che vorrei proporre quest’oggi sono il 26, il 27 ed il 28.

The exercises I propose today are no. 26,27 and 28. Here, difficulties raise, above all because left and right hand (compare seventh measure of no.26) play more notes at the same time, so that it’s very easy to get into a muddle.

You could find a bit difficult the measure containing two notes on the bass range, one of three movements and the other one of one movement beating before next bar: I remember I had some troubles with them. The seventh measure of no.28 is another good example.

I suggest you to start with one exercise at a time and, as soon as you are sure that you’ve got it (but in the right sense, take your time!), just step forward. For each exercise, I suggest you to play them firstly one hand at a time, then with two hands, but SLOWLY. Last but not least, play the measure you get in trouble with thousands times, if necessary, then, step to the groups of bars in order to make it smooth and fluent as final result.

Now I leave you to your studies.

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