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Exercises n.47-48-49 Beyer op.101 Lesson n.32

Hello everybody! today we are going to make some more practice focusing on the evolution we have underlined in the  last exercises. I’ll just tell you the most important and crucial difficulties you could come across during each exercise.

Number 47: Right hand lies on the 5 notes, from C to G. Left hand ,instead, covers 6 notes from G to E. You will be forced to be more flexible and move from your static position.

At each interruption of the binding notes, raise your hands (slightly)

Number 48, even though it is quite simple, it could result a bit complex from a rhythmic point of view, and because of the left hand, which touches note B with the 5th finger. If you have some doubts about the value of the note, you can look at the first  picture that shows the value with a different graphic, the binding notes.

Number 49: pay attention at the left hand: it covers 7 notes, from B to A. The hand stays in the classic position of 5 notes, from C to G, but sometimes the 5th finger goes to B and 1st finger to A.

Study with separate hands and then, with the help of a metronome, play with both.

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