Exercises n.45 and 46 Beyer Op.101 – Lesson n.31

It’s my fault, I know….. if you have missed Beyer… but here we are!!. Your sweet and fascinating new exercises!! N. 45 and 46 will be a great divertissement during this week… you will have to face the eights!!

Ex. n.45  is quite banal and obvious, n. 46, istead, shows some new elements.Untill now our 2 hands, once set on the keyboard, didn’t have to move during the exercise because you were able to reach each single note you needed: one for each finger.In this case, the left hand will have to move in order to cover six notes( fromB to G). There are some news about the refrain too. The 2 horizontal brackets at the end of the sheet, numbered 1 and 2 mean that: during the first execution  you have to  play the bar n.1, while the second  time  you have to play  measure n.2.

Pay attention and don’t be in hurry.

a big hug to everyone!! 🙂

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