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Exercises n.41, 42 and 43 Beyer Op.101 – Lesson n.29

Oh my God how high they are! I’m not talking about the legs of a pretty miss,but about the notes of exercises n. 41-42-43 of Beyer. Our dear friend,  Beyer has decided to fly over the keyboards: if you have a good memory (and you must have!!), in the last exercises we were concentrated on G, now we will work on an higher note, A. Obviously we will move to an higher level at maximum of 5 notes (the so-called “5 fingers”)

To recognise and play these notes could a little problem at the beginning, but if we think about  , they are the same both for the left and the right and with an octave of distance. So, you can follow this path: if you find it difficult to read too high notes, take a look at those of the left hand lines, they are clearer and……. correspond.

I hope I was clear enough

I remember that I spent few hours on these 3 exercises, because I had to follow my teacher: it’s four hands piece!

No evolution about technics here. So be brave, try and try and you will succeed!

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