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Exercises for three hands – Right hand only – Lesson n.7


With the exercises at three hands (downloadable for free at the bottom of this page), Beyer wants for first set the student’s hand on the firsts 5 notes (from C to G) and then to learn the duration of the notes (from semishort to semiminim). The teacher’s execution, in fact, should help you on the execution just on time theme, very essential for every execution.

First page of three hands example


Second page

Second page

The right hand is the only who’s playing on this exercises. It must be set following this order: the 1 on C, the 2 on D, the 3 on E, the 4 on F, the 5 on G.

The first theme provides the execution of semishorts.

The change n.1 two minimums a beat.

The variable n.2 introduces the semiminim with the point (that is 3 movements 2+1=3).

And continuing so on, you’ll use differents rhythmics, until the innovative element of the variable n. 7 (the pause), in which the execution must be interrupted for the duration of the pause (in this case a movement).

The peculiarity of this exercises is that rhythmic patterns are repente in all the beats . Fist beat sets the rhythmic of all the exercise (or rather all the line). If starting it we’ll meet 4 semishorts, also will be in this way for all the others beats.

Now it’s the moment to look a video realized some time ago. Sadly are missing the exercises starting to the variable 7 and followers, but certainly you will haven’t any difficulties. I will put that videos as soon as possible.

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