Exercises 58 -59 Beyer op.101 Lesson N°36

Exercises 58 -59 Beyer op.101 Lesson N°36

esercizio 58 59 beyer

You will surely have noticed that the bass clef there has become more familiar, a little more time and so have certainly benefited. Well, now you will add to your baggage certain concepts and actions that we neglected: the dynamic.

To increase the pathos and emotions in all the pieces that we know, we have the variations in the intensity noise: the plan to strong, the strong floor etc… on the basis of the emotions that we want to raise with a song. A romantic melody will for example sweet and played with delicacy, probably running a strong and decisive.

The Beyer introduces us to this point of the symbols that guide the student in dynamic, ( <) indicates a crescendo, ( >) a decreasing. When we meet a growing sound intensity will gradually grow, while with a dimuendo declines.

The exercise 58 presents no particular new difficulties with the exception of dimuendo is growing.

Exercise 59

Time: Allegretto in 3/8 (see e.g. previous).

Position: varies between treble clef and bass clef (to the left) and moves to the right in 5 notes of the treble clef (do-sol).

It introduces with this exercise emphasis vibrato: and a > symbol which indicates where to focus, which note to highlight. It will therefore be the beat note on which fall more emphasis marked and net.

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