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Exercises #10 and #11 (for 4 hands) – Beyer Op.101 – Lessons #15

As Massimiliano suggested, our little beyer lessons will be a little bit quicker. Let’s hope both you and us will manage to keep pace. During this lesson I’m going to explain the last two exercises for four hands from this course, that is #10 and #11. We are running into this kind of exercise again only from the #31 on.

As you can see, exercise #10 completes the 5 notes (from C to G) for the right hand while the left one will go on  pressing only G button. It’s always a three-four time in the tonality of C major and notes will solely have a 1 or 3 movements value.

The exercise #11 adds two notes to left hand (E and F) and sets a limit to the right one (C, D and E). Notes played by both hands are a major third far. Hands will actually move the same way: for example, right hand C will match left hand E, right hand D to left hand F and right hand E to left hand G. You will be able to play it easily after a little time.

Have a nice “play”

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