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Exercise n.50-51 Beyer op.101 Lesson n.33

Sorry for the delay (I’m awfully sorry), but university and some other problems forced me to stop for a while. Now.. come back to work!! 🙂

Our dear  Beyer propose us exercises n. 50 and 51, the first is quite easy… the second shows some obstacles.

Number 50 is set up as the previous 3, in which the left hand touches B with the 5th finger. The tempo is quite confortable,take it easy.

N. 51 ,instead, is a  moderato, and must be executed at  about 100 bmp, and there are some passages, like  for the right hand from the D to B (2-1)or for the left, in the 8th bar, from G to  sol un ottava più basso (1-5).A way to better understand these passages it’s necessary to study deeply in separate hands: and in particular of the passages we have underlined!

Here you some videos!

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